Wood processing equipment

Crushing complex Shchepa-1

Crushing complex Shchepa-1 is intended for crushing wood materials, wood waste, palettes, palette waste and window frames.

Shchepa-1 is a complete wood processing complex installed on its own frame. It includes units for dosing, two-stage crushing materials and the separation of foreign metal particles.

The complex is transported by trucks with special multi-lift mechanisms.

Technical data



Design capacity, m3/h Up to 50*
Rotor RPM


Rotor diameter, mm


Final product particle size dк, mm

From 0 to 120 (90%)*

Total power consumption 60 kW
Weight, kg 8,000

* Parameters varied depending on physical properties of materials
** Depends on requirements of customers. Basis machines can be changed according to particular operation conditions.
*** All the values are calculated or taken on the basis of materials previously processed by this machine