Plate-type feeders, conveyors

Plate-type feeders are intended for transporting bulk materials. Bulk materials can be transported horizontally and at specified angles

Plate-type feeder PLP-6

Plate-type feeder PLP-8

Plate-type feeder PLP-10

Plate-type feeder PLP-12

Area of application of plate-type feeders

Areas of application of plate-type feeders are the following:

  • metallurgy
  • mining
  • coal industry
  • mining industry
  • agriculture

Technical specifications of plate-type feeders

Unlike other types of feeders, plate-type feeders can transport bulk materials with their simultaneous processing, at various temperatures, and more over, in the form of large size particles.
Plate-type conveyors have high capacity and are very convenient in field works. They can be installed far enough from other machines (even at distances of 2,000 m).

Depending on particular requirements to plate-type feeders and free spaces of a particular processing site/facility, it is possible to select between mobile and stationary executions. Mobile feeders are mounted on frames with wheels, thus, they can be removed to other locations.

For efficient operation of the feeder, it is not recommended to load it with dusty, abrasive and aggressive materials.

Mechanisms of plate-type feeders

Mechanisms of plate-type feeders are very reliable. This is largely due to their simplicity. A plate-type feeder consists of a conveyor of plates with a hopper. The hopper is equipped with a slide gate and is located above the conveyor. Plate-type feeder capacity is varied using speed and outlet control devices.