Technological lines

«Tula Machines» LLC produces, along with its series of standard machines, crushing and screening complexes and technological lines for various purposes.

Peat crushing line

Materials are fed into a 3 m3 hopper, from where it is transported using a screw feeder to a rotor-disk shredder (RDI-350). The length of the feeder is 6 m. Crushed peat is transported by a conveyor belt (length: 4 m, width: 500 mm). To avoid sticking the material, the hopper has a special mixer.

Crushing plant for grinding caked ammonium nitrate

The entire technological line is developed according to individual sketches and requirements of customers, taking into account the purchased equipment, and also according to dimensions of the production space for the line. The plant is equipped with non-standard machines and metal constructions (frames, service platforms, stairs, railings, loading and unloading devices, support legs). Line capacity: up to 40 m3/h.

Chalk crushing plant

The plant is intended for grinding rock materials of low and medium strength with a particle size of up to 400 mm.

Plant capacity: up to 30 t/h. Final product particle size: 0-30 mm. The plant includes a rotor-disk shredder (RDI-2/620), a loading hopper with a vibrator and vibration dampers, and also a movable conveyer belt that allows to provide unloading at two separate sites.

Crusher for recycling used/defective spark plugs

The plant includes a loading box, a conveyor belt and a hammer crusher MPS-200. Since the source processed material contains metal components, the crusher design is strengthened, high-strength steel wear parts are provided.

Technological complex for crushing ceramic tiles

The complex is intended for crushing ceramic tiles into the final product with a particle size of 0-4 mm. Maximum source material particle size: up to 210 mm. Capacity (at uniform feeding): 6 t/h. The production line includes a plate feeder (PP-8) with a receiving hopper, a hammer crusher MPS-950 and a conveyor belt (B650).

Mineral wool production solid waste crushing line

Complex of technological equipment for crushing mineral wool production solid waste into the final product with a particle size of 0-20 mm. Capacity: 4 t/h. The complex includes a feeder (PL-650) with a hopper and a separation grate, a jaw crusher (SDS 2.5/4) and a conveyor belt.

Soft waste processing line (for mineral raw materials)

Mineral wool production waste crushing line (final product size: 0-5 mm). Capacity: 10 t/h. The material is fed by a feeder (PL-800) and crushed by a rotor-disk shredder (RDI-2/620) and a hammer crusher (MPS-630).

Salt grinding unit

The complex of technological equipment for grinding salt, developed on the basis of the rotor-disk shredder RDI-2/620. Loading is carried out into the hopper (4.2 m3). The conveyor belt is used to unload the final product. Complex capacity: 70 m3/h.