Vertical hammer crushers

Vertical hammer crusher is a crushing machine, the crushing shaft of which is located vertically. The purpose of a vertical hammer crusher is to grind non-standard materials that differ in their physical and mechanical properties from standard rock materials.

Vertical hammer crusher mechanism

Vertical hammer crusher consists of the following components:

  • vertical shaft with hammers (they can be either rigidly fixed or articulated)
  • crusher casing with replaceable breaker plates
  • support bearings bearing radial and axial loads
  • drive

The principle of operation of a vertical hammer crusher

A source material enters a feed hopper mounted on a crusher casing. Under its own weight, the material moves to the bottom of the grinding zone. In the crusher casing the material is continuously subjected to crushing forces from hammers and breaker plates. The lower part of the crusher casing has special unloading doors to unload a crushed material. The crushed material is poured into an unloading hopper.

Areas of application of vertical hammer crushers

Vertical hammer crushers are developed in such a way that they grind almost any raw materials. But their design complexity, namely strong supporting components, limits the scope of application. Often, vertical hammer crushers are used to grind materials with a sufficient amount of uncrushable particles, and also materials prone to sticking.

Among the implemented projects, it is worth to mention the successful separation of aluminum from slag waste, as well as steel cores of expired bullets in the process of their disposal.

Special features of vertical hammer crushers

As mentioned above, a special feature of a vertical hammer crusher is the presence of a critically important support mechanism bearing an axial load. This design feature allows to cope with challenging crushing tasks, which can not be solved by rotor or simple hammer crushers.

Catalogue of vertical hammer crushers

Below is a model line of vertical hammer crushers. You can view corresponding technical data sheets of the crushers and consult with technical specialists of «Tula Machines».

Price for a vertical hammer crusher: from 460,000 rubles.