Rotor impact crushers

Rotor impact crusher is a mechanical crushing machine used for grinding pieces, grains and particles of mineral raw materials and similar matters. It crushes various materials using special hammers rigidly fixed on a rapidly rotating rotor, as well as by impact reaction forces from the side of corresponding breaker plates.

Rotor impact crushers are similar in their design to hammer crushers, but the main advantage of rotor impact crushers is the free ejection of processed materials from the grinding chamber. As a result, source material moisture content is not a problem for these machines. This advantage allows to use them outdoors.

Rotor impact crusher design

Rotor impact crusher includes the following basic working components:

  • rotor with rigidly fixed hammers
  • crusher casing with replaceable breaker plates
  • basic support frame
  • bearing casings
  • drive unit, including a V-belt drive and an electric motor

The principle of operation of rotor impact crushers

A source material, entering the grinding chamber, meets a rapidly rotating rotor. Thus, it is pre-grinded and thrown to corresponding internal breaker plates, where it is subjected to additional impact reaction forces.

This process repeats again and again, as a result, providing a required final product particle size. The particle size depends on the gap between rotor hammers and corresponding breaker plates.

In this case the final product particle size is not limited by special grates (typically used in hammer crushers). Main advantages of the design of rotor impact crushers are their high capacity and unpretentiousness (source materials can have sufficiently high moisture content), and their key disadvantage is an experimental character of a final product particle size.

Area of application of rotor impact crushers

The main field of application of rotor impact crushers is the production of cube-shaped crushed stone. But after consulting with experts of «Tula Machines», you will realize that rotor impact crushers are also perfect for the use in other industries for the following operations:

  • primary grinding broken glass
  • crushing used/broken bricks
  • crushing caked loam

and so on

Catalogue of rotor impact crushers

Please find below the model line of rotor impact crushers produced by «Tula Machines» LLC. In case of any additional questions, please call us toll free at 8-800-700-46-86, you can also request any information by e-mail. We are always ready to offer not only «rotor impact crushers at affordable factory-producer prices», but also our pre-sale consulting and after-sale services, including our 18-months warranty.

Prices for rotor impact crushers: from 407,000 rubles.

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