Crushing and screening complex

«Tula Machines» LLC presents to you attention crushing and screening complexes in various executions. All the equipment for our crushing and screening complexes, including assemblies and units, is produced at our factory according to corresponding technical specifications and regulations.

Our crushing and screening complex is a system of machines intended for grinding and subsequent screening (by particle size) processed materials.
The main purpose of processing materials with the complex is their preliminary grinding and screening to required particle sizes, which allows their post-crushing with minimal power consumption.
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Crushing and screening complexes: on request

Crushing and screening complexes are used in various technological processes, for example:

  1. Road construction: to crush road materials, bricks or crushed stone
  2. Processing reinforced concrete constructions
  3. Grinding cement production materials
  4. Production of building mixtures
  5. Mining and coal industry

Crushing and screening complexes DSU-15, 30, 60, 90

Crushing plant DSU-15

It is a single-stage technological plant intended for grinding rock materials, processing stone and reinforced concrete pieces. The unit can work in limited space conditions, with low power consumption, it is easy to operate and maintain and can be installed on concrete slabs or foundation blocks. It is an efficient and reliable complex with small enough overall dimensions.

Crushing plant DSU-30

It is a standard mobile two-stage crushing-screening plant that is very popular among our customers. The complex includes mobile crushing and screening machines that can be easily relocated to other production sites with minimum expenditures.

Crushing plant DSU-60

The production line on the basis of rotor-disk crushers, intended for the first stage of grinding materials of low and medium hardness (with Mohs hardness of up to 4). It is also used for processing waste of brick and foam concrete production industries.

Crushing plant DSU-90

It is a standard complex of machines that has proven itself among our customers. The plant can reliably work for many years, coping with various tasks of producing crushed stone and processing nonmetallic building materials.

Catalogue of crushing-screening complexes

  • Technological schemes of processing building rock materials (dolomite, marble, limestone, gypsum, sand and chalk)
  • Technological lines for processing clay, grog, slag and other basic components for the production of ceramic products used, for example, as building, cladding, heat-insulating and refractory materials
  • Production of ground limestone, mineral powder according to GOST 26826-86, widely used in the production of mixed fodder and in various food additives in agriculture
  • Technological lines for processing plant-soil matters: chernozem (black earth), peat, grass and roots.
  • DSU-250 Crushing-screening quarry complex
  • DSU 150 Crushing-screening complex for crushed stone
  • DSU 120 Crushing-screening complex with washing systems
  • Crushing-screening complex with roll crushers
  • Crushing-screening complex for processing limestone, marble and dolomite (up to 10 t/h)
  • Crushing-screening complex for processing limestone
  • Technological line on the basis of chain crushers

Selection of crushing-screening complexes (plants)

The selection of crushing and screening complexes is carried out by the analysis of source materials, requirements for final products, and also particular production conditions. The detailed analysis allows to choose appropriate machines and their layout in a particular production line. Then, as a rule, our design office develops corresponding technological projects. We always take into account requirements of our customers to offer optimum energy and money saving machines, with corresponding spare parts.
Crushing-screening complex is a special technological line that includes various machines. Some examples of crushing-screening complexes (technological lines) for processing raw materials are presented here.

Technological lines for crushing

  • glass
  • slag
  • limestone
  • coal
  • anode residue
  • sulfur stone