Laboratory crushers

Laboratory crushers are low-capacity crushers used by research organizations, as well as by production technology departments to study strength characteristics of various raw materials.

Laboratory crushers can be used by technologists of large production companies to analyze raw materials and to conduct experiments with crushed materials. Laboratory crushers are also applied by individual entrepreneurs. They can use them to crush building waste and other materials in small amount. In this case, main advantages of small (laboratory) crushers are their low power consumption, and low cost of consumables.

«Tula Machines» LLC offers various laboratory mills and crushers for any tasks associated with the analysis of materials, as well as for various applications not requiring high capacity.

Laboratory mills are used in various industries:

  • food industry, for fine refining food additives;
  • chemical industry, for fine grinding chemical components;
  • beauty industry, for refining components used in cosmetics and creams;
  • pharmaceuticals, for refining components of drugs;

Stainless steel laboratory mills

Under requirements of customers, we can produce laboratory mills from various steels. For aggressive mediums it is better to use the following steels: 12H18N10T or its foreign analogues AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321.

Catalogue of laboratory crushers

Jaw laboratory crusher SHCHD-10

Jaw laboratory crusher SHCHD-10 is intended for crushing ores, minerals, slag and other materials of various strengths. This is a laboratory class crusher, which is used in various industries, including: mining, metallurgical, construction and chemical industry.

Mill MTP-170

MTP-170 is a small-size mill intended for wet grinding source raw materials to produce fine-dispersed materials with a particle size of up to 50 micron (0.05 mm). The machine (working as a paint mill) has a capacity of up to 250 kg/h.

Hammer crusher MPS-150

(CLICK HERE for detailed technical and design documents for the machine)

Laboratory hammer crusher. The special feature of this machine is its compactness. It is used for fine crushing bulk materials.

Cone crusher KD-10

Small-size laboratory cone crusher with the pressing capacity of up to 2.5 t. It can be used for crushing uranium intermetallic compounds.

Roll crusher with smooth rotors DVG 200х125

The crusher is intended for crushing brittle bulk materials of various strength and hardness. The use of this crusher for grinding difficult, radioactive and explosive materials is prohibited. The crusher can be used both as a stand-alone machine and as part of a plant or a production line.