Air drying crushers

The main advantage of the air drying crusher is simultaneous crushing and drying processed materials, which significantly reduces equipment costs.

The crusher is intended for fine crushing various materials.

Typically, the crusher is used in glass production industries.

The air drying crushers are applied to grind soft and medium hard materials: clay, coal, limestone and lump lime, gypsum rock, tripoli, etc.

This type of crushers is suitable for closed loop operation under vacuum and for grinding with simultaneous drying processed materials with hot gases. The main field of application of this crusher is processing raw materials for mixtures used in glass production. We obtain this component by grinding limestone.

The crusher requires the supply of cold water with the temperature of 10-15 0С and working pressure of up to 3 atm into a cooling jacket of the crusher bearing housing.

«Tula Machines» LLC is a direct producer of these crushers and offers to its partners one year of warranty for the equipment (corresponding spare parts are always available). Our specialists are ready to offer special executions of the crusher for your glass production according to specific requirements and meeting specified deadlines.

Air drying crusher MPA 850*200: Technical data

Parameters Value
Capacity Up to 2 t/h
Source material particle size 0-70 mm
Final product particle size (up to 95%) 0-700 micron
Source material moisture content <12 %
Final product moisture content <0.25 %
Drying temperature Up to 450
Pressure, atm 4-5
Water consumption (max), m3/h 7
Electric motors, pcs 1
RPM 1,500
Motor power, kW 55.0
Dimensions, mm 1,936*2,627*4,410
Weight, kg 4,745

The following auxiliary electrical equipment can be purchased additionally to your machine: power switchboards, cable products, automation systems.