Sorting complex AS-30

Sorting complex is a combination of material processing machines, usually installed on one frame and presented in their mobile or semi-stationary execution. The use of such machines allows to reduce expenses for additional metal constructions, to avoid significant capital investments in capital construction foundations and makes it possible to relocate the equipment.

АС-30 is a semi-stationary sorting complex. It is intended for dry sorting bulk materials (by a series of particle size classes) with the preliminary separation of large pieces on its vibrating screen.
Depending on particular operation conditions and requirements of customers, it is possible to select the mesh size of screens located above the loading hopper, the volume of the hopper and the mesh size of sorting screens of the vibration machine. If required, AS-30 can be equipped with auxiliary units (feeders, conveyer belts, screws, etc.).

The delivered equipment kit includes electric motors for all AS-30 machines, connected by cables to a common electric control panel through electromagnetic starters, which provide the equipment protection from overloads. The control panel with corresponding buttons allows to start and stop electric motors of the complex. Automatic circuit breakers protect the electric equipment at short-circuits, and a special protective grounding protects operators from electric shocks.

The sorting complex includes the following components:

  • vibrating screen – installed above the loading hopper
  • tray feeder – installed under the loading hopper
  • vibroshaker

The scheme of the complex is presented in Fig. 2


Technical data



Sorting complex capacity, t/h


Vibrating screen area, m²


Vibrating screen mesh size, mm


Loading hopper volume, m³


Number of screens, pcs


Maximum amplitude of oscillations, mm


Total power, kW


Source material particle size, mm (no more)


Overall dimensions, mm

– length


– width


– height


Mesh sizes of upper / lower screens, mm


Weight, kg


The following auxiliary electrical equipment can be purchased additionally to your complex: power switchboards, cable products, automation systems.

The vibrating screen is a welded frame with a movable screen on springs. Its mesh size is 150х150 mm. Overall dimensions and the design of AS-30 are presented in Fig. 3.

AS-30 can be loaded by a front loader or from trucks (from a special ramp). The loaded material falls onto the vibrating screen (pos. 1). Due to its reciprocating motion, a certain part of the material with a particle size larger than the screen mesh size is removed from the screen along inclined trays. Smaller particles pour through the screen into the loading hopper (pos. 2).

The source material is evenly fed from the hopper (using a tray feeder (pos. 3)) for further sorting on a vibroshaker. This machine represents itself a vibrating unit (pos.4) with special mechanisms. The tray feeder is installed on a common frame (pos. 5) with the loading hopper.

The screening mechanism of the vibroshaker includes two screens. Each of the screens has a metal frame and a certain mesh size depending on specified parameters of the complex.

Inertial forces created by rotating cams installed on corresponding shafts of the vibroshaker, cause its oscillations on springs. The vibroshaker with its two screens vibrates with the frequency equal to its motor speed frequency.

Falling on the screens, the material is transported towards the lower end of the vibroshaker and simultaneously vibrates. Particles smaller than the upper screen mesh size, fall through the upper screen onto the lower screen, while larger particles safely meet the lower end of the vibroshaker and are poured through a special tray into a special box.

The material fallen onto the lower screen of the vibroshaker, is sorted by the same way on this screen: smaller and larger particles are unloaded through corresponding separate hoppers. The shape and sizes of unloading hoppers depend on operation conditions, physical-mechanical properties of source materials and requirements of customers. Fig. 4 shows the sorting complex AS-30 with its 3 m³ loading hopper.