Industrial material size reduction equipment

Industrial material size reduction equipment is used at the first stage of grinding materials of low and medium hardness. Main advantages of these machines are their high efficiency at a moderate cost, as well as low cost of operation. The working mechanism of such industrial grinders can be rotor-disk or rotor-teeth.

Area of application of industrial material size reduction grinders

These industrial grinders are intended for crushing materials with Mohs hardness of up to 4. The crushers have proven themselves in the following industrial sectors:

  • agriculture: crushing peat and fertilizer production;
  • petrochemical industry: grinding certain types of resins and salts;
  • construction industry: crushing wastes of foam concrete and brick production, crushing caked sand;
  • defense industry: grinding ammonium nitrate for the production of explosives;
  • mining: crushing limestone, chalk, etc.

Industrial rotor-disk grinder/shredder at the price of the factory-manufacturer

Below are standard executions of the grinders produced by «Tula Machines» Company, often models are specially modified by our design office for particular tasks specified by our customers.

Rotor-disk shredder RDI 2/350

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Low capacity rotor-disk shredder (capacity: up to 12 m3/h) is an ideal solution for grinding peat and some types of caked salts. It can be used for crushing ammonium nitrate and some other substances.

Rotor-disk shredder RDI 2/490

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Medium-capacity rotor-disk shredder (capacity: up to 29 m3/h), can be used for processing useful minerals with low hardness (chalk, limestone).

Rotor-disk shredder RDI-2/620

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High-capacity rotor-disk shredder used for recycling wastes of the brick and foam concrete production.

Roll grinder with teeth IVZ-2/260

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This is a grinder for easily crushable materials, with low energy consumption. Capacity: up to 15 m3/h.

Rotor-disk shredder RDSH 2/620

* Parameters varied depending on physical properties of materials

For today, the company «Tula Machines» is the leading producer and supplier of rotor-disk shredders and rotor-teeth roll grinders in Russia and the CIS.

The design of the industrial roll grinder

A source raw material, under its own weight, falls onto rotors of the grinder without application of additional mechanisms. The rotors with teeth crush the material in axial and radial gaps between them.

Depending on properties of a particular material it is possible to choose the grinding machine with a corresponding design.

The design of the rotor-disk shredder

A source material, under its own weight, falls onto rotors-disks of the shredder and crushed by impact and abrasion forces. The already crushed material penetrates through the gaps between disks and grate holes and falls into an unloading box. Due to a special mechanism of the shredder, the operation of cleaning its disks is not required. The industrial shredder has a special zone of crushing and a zone of reflectors, which are coupled with corresponding disks. As a result, rotating disks provide self-cleaning of the mechanism. Materials can be loaded in batches and continuously – this is a main advantage of industrial rotor-disk shredders. The loaded material can be fed both from conveyor belts and big-bags, for example, caked salt. The industrial shredder can be installed indoors and outdoors, on supporting legs, platforms and foundations.

Installation of the industrial grinder at a production site depends on a general layout of other machines.

«Tula Machines» LLC produces industrial material size reduction equipment of various modifications, the most popular executions are roll grinders and rotor-disk shredders. Customer can choose with our specialists a particular design of a loading hopper, a shape of cutting elements, and also a rotational speed of rotors. Depending on capacity and a type of production facilities, you can choose corresponding high quality reliable machines. For example, if material moisture content does not exceed 30%, it is possible to use rotor-disk shredders. Rotating rotor-disks are loaded with raw materials from a loading hopper. Already crushed materials fall through the gaps between disks and grate holes into the unloading box. The special mechanism automatically self-cleans disks in a special reflector zone of the machine.

Maintenance of the size reduction equipment and spare parts

The material size reduction equipment of «Tula Machines» LLC is characterized by its reliable design. The casing and electric motors are mounted on a supporting frame using bolts, the crusher drive is equipped with an adjusting mechanism for better belt tension. Main consumables: drive belts and cutting components (disks). For long time operation of disks, edges of cutting components are protected using T590 electrodes, thus ensuring long-term operation of the machine processing abrasive materials, without replacing consumables.