Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is a mechanical machine intended for crushing pieces, grains and particles of mineral raw materials and similar matters under the action of impact forces of crusher hammers pivotally mounted on a rapidly rotating rotor, as well as reaction forces of corresponding breaker plates located on the crusher casing.

Hammer crushers allow to grind various raw materials, from mining materials to industrial wastes.

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The design and principle of operation of hammer crushers

A source material is fed into the crusher chamber and due to the hammer rotor rotation is crushed to a final product particle size smaller than grate holes. During crushing, the final product is poured through the grate holes into a discharge box.

The main working component of the hammer crusher is its rotor with freely connected impact parts (hammers). The difference between hammer and rotor crushers is the method of mounting impact parts on rotors. Hammer crusher impact parts (hammers) are connected pivotally. This allows to lower power consumption during crushing hard materials due to «hammer swimming». Thus, materials are crushed not by the first impact, but by a series of sequential impacts. In rotor crushers uncrushable pieces of materials can stop the crusher rotor and jam it.

Hammer crusher principle of operation

The principle of operation of hammer crushers is simple, but efficient enough: a source material is continuously fed through a loading hopper, inside the machine the material is crushed under impact forces of hammers, breaker plates and grates. The crushed material falls through grate holes into the unloading device.

Key features of hammer crushers

  • Adjustable degree of crushing materials (final product particle size)
  • Compact dimensions of the crusher allow to use it in mines and small rooms
  • Low energy consumption at high efficiency
  • Capital supporting foundations are not required

Area of application of hammer crushers

Hammer crushers are used for crushing a wide range of raw materials: minerals, industrial waste, chemical production materials. They are perfect for the production of building materials, ceramics, road construction aggregates, concrete, and also grinding glass, crushed stone, chalk (anhydrous), dolomite, grog, anhydrous salts, metal materials.

Basic industries using hammer crushers are the following:

  • Mining: grinding open pit rocks, producing crushed stone and grit
  • Chemical industry: crushing various reagents-salts, fertilizers, caked chemicals
  • Metallurgical industry: crushing ferrochrome (added in the production of stainless steel), crushing metallurgical slag
  • Construction industry: crushing used/broken bricks and other types of construction waste
  • Glass industry: crushing broken glass

In addition to the above, hummer crushers are used as a preliminary stage machines in the preparation of materials for fine grinding

Technical data of hammer crushers

Performances of hammer crushers depend on the following:

  • type of crushed materials, their hardness, moisture content;
  • crusher installation site (rooms, mines, open pits, etc.);
  • required capacity and particle size;

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Catalogue of hammer crushers

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