Roll crushers

Roll crusher is a mineral processing crushing machine which has rotors with special teeth, on small diameter shafts, driven by a high torque drive system. Here, the mineral particles are nipped and crushed as they pass between two rotors rotating in opposite direction at the same speed.

Roll crusher advantages:

  • high efficiency at work even with wet materials
  • low electric energy consumption
  • reliability and simplicity of operation
  • adjusting the gap between two rotors
  • protection from very hard (uncrushable) solids
  • homogeneity of a final product by particles size

Area of application of roll crushers

Roll crushers are used to crush building waste, marble, salts and slag, gypsum, chalk, coal, marl and other materials. Smooth rotors are intended for grinding materials of low and medium strength, and fluted rotors with teeth are used to crush materials with the strength of more than 120 MPa.

Operation and design features of roll crushers

The principle of operation of a roll crusher: rotation of two rotors in opposite direction, which provides crushing materials by compression and abrasion between the rotors. Main roll crusher consumables are rotors, which frequency of replacement depends on abrasiveness of processed materials, as well as on the grade of steel from which the rotors are made.

Roll crusher technical data

Twin roll crusher can be installed not only indoors, but also outdoors (using tents). Installation options: directly at a conveyor belt (on legs, platforms and foundations).

Twin roll crushers are very energy efficient machines with low power consumption. In addition, twin roll crushers are very reliable in use: a special protection mechanism of one of the rotors does not allow to feed uncrushable rocks into the machine.

Twin roll crusher catalogue

The crushing equipment factory «Tula Machines» produces roll crushers of various modifications. We kindly present to your attention standard models of roll crushers at the price of 595,000 rubles, as well as all the required auxiliary equipment: feeders, production lines, etc.

Our catalogue shows stationary twin roll crushing systems with various working parts (by working surface type): with smooth, fluted surfaces and surfaces with teeth. All the presented crushers can also be divided by rotor diameter and other technical parameters. Our managers are glad to help you to choose the most suitable products. Please call us at +7-800-700-46-86.

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