Sector feeders

Sector feeder is intended for feeding powders and fine-grained materials. It has a rotating drum rotor divided by radial walls into several compartments (sectors). Sector feeders are installed under hoppers with a material. The material is fed by serial filling and emptying the mentioned compartments during the drum rotor rotation. Sector feeders of various designs are applied in building, power engineering, metallurgy and other industries. Sector feeders are also used as components of automatic dispensing systems, in particular for cement.

Sector feeders are applied as components of technological lines with specified metering capacity. This capacity depends on installed with them gear motors and covers the widest range of values.

Sector feeder PS-200

Compact (small-size) sector feeder with a rotor diameter of 200 mm. It is intended for metering dry bulk materials with moisture content of up to 8%.

Sector feeder PS-300

Sector feeder with higher capacity, intended for continuous and uniform feeding bulk materials

Sector feeder PS-1

Sector feeder PS-300L

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Sector feeder PS-300L, hereinafter referred to as a «feeder», is intended for metering dry bulk materials.

The following auxiliary electrical equipment can be purchased additionally to your machine: power switchboards, cable products, automation systems.